hey, witch

dear diary,

somebody wrote me this email a couple of days ago. i cant believe i almost deleted it without reading…

“You’ve reeled in another little USA fan. I’m lovin’ your shit. Your “bitches don’t fuck with me, I’m the damn elektro-goddess” attitude is very alluring, and it’s one of the main reasons I love your stuff. You’re quite possibly the funnest artist I’ve encountered, and I’m talking your music up in my area.Anyway, I found “too sexy” by freak chance about a year or two back with no artist name attatched to the file, and spent the entire time just trying to figure out who should be exhalted for its creation. The amount of confidence and flirtaciousness you put out in your work is, in all honestly, a huge inspiration to me, and has shown up in some melodies I’ve worked out as well as in the death of my being socially shy. I really wish more people knew of you!!But whatever you’re doing, you must be doing it right to have this kind of impact on a person. Looking forward to future productions from ya, honey.”

love, thanks for the electrogasmic moment. u know who u are ;) xx

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